Article XXI

From the apology of the Augsburg confession, these few sentences put into light the folly of praying to the saints.  To pray to the saints is to say that Christ doesn’t listen, he instead turns a deaf ear so much is his anger with your sins.  To pray to the saints is to say that while Christ died on the cross for your sins, man you’ve angered him enough that he’s not going to forgive you without someone in his ear who’s going to back you up.  My friends, Christ IS mercy.  No other mercy is going to cut it.



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2 thoughts on “Article XXI

  1. So, of what value are the saints then?


    • bradcore says:

      As testified in marginal 4 of Article XXI of the Apology, the value, or reasons for honoring, the Saints are three fold. Thanksgiving, strengthening of faith, and imitation. I must admit, I have difficulty with the word ‘value’ in this situation. It invokes images and thoughts of commodity to me. It doesn’t feel right at all. But, to honor them seems right and just. But, if i were to answer your question in my own words, then I would say this: The value of the Saints to us is that while they were wretched sinners such as we, they are also but shining examples of a Christian.


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