Was Jesus Christ a ‘Fag Enabler’?

A few days ago, reports surfaced that Westboro Baptist founder Fred Phelps had passed on.  Westboro Baptist had a knack for protesting funerals with an astoundingly hateful  rhetoric.  And yet, for a group so adamant that they were proclaiming Christ’s message, most likely would’ve declared Jesus to be a ‘fag enabler’ if he showed up today and started preaching.


The problem with Westboro Baptist isn’t that they preached the law.  In fact, every Christian should preach the law to it’s fullest.  Westboro Baptist was absolutely correct when they said we deserved Hell and Damnation for our sins.  The problem, however, was that they completely missed the Gospel.  When they were out doing their pickets, they rightfully condemned you with your sin, but never ever lifted you up and offered repentance and forgiveness of those sins, even going so far as to condemn those who did.  Though they may not admit it, the Christ of Scripture was a ‘fag enabler’ in their eyes.  Their Christ only desired to watch you burn. 

The law cannot save you.  Only the shed blood of Christ on the Cross can do such works.  The death of Fred Phelps is a tragedy that should be mourned, not celebrated.  We can only hope that he came to know and understand Christ’s gospel and repent of his ways.


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