A Statement of Generic Faith

Do you know what your church really believes?  If you don’t, you can probably check their website.  Odds are they have a page titled Statement of Faith or Our Core Beliefs or something to that effect.  Wow.  A whole page.  I’ve seen a lot of these Statements of Faith and they’re all about the same.

I believe in the holy trinity.

I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins.

I believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.


It’s usually just really basic stuff with a few extra things that differentiate them the other denominations, but generally nothing very detailed.  So how do you know what they really believe?  I mean, if you’ve got just a general blanket statement, how do you ensure all your pastors are teaching the same thing?  How do you keep unity?  How do you handle communion?  How do you trust that anyone in your congregation actually believes the same thing you do?


This is my statement of faith.  You could probably kill a small child with it.  Your standard non-denominational statement, on the other hand, will at worst give you a mean paper cut depending on what kind of stock you print it on.  It’s cut and clear.  The Lutheran Confessions are something you can hold people to.  There’s no wiggle room.  You either agree or you don’t.    There’s no “I believe most of what it says, but the way they handle communion is a bit too much.”  If you don’t believe it all, you’re not Lutheran.


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