There is Only One Gospel

Despite how people may think, there are not four gospels in the Bible; there’s only one. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John do not each speak of a different gospel. In fact, there is no gospel of any of these these writers. The only gospel there is is that of Jesus Christ who was born of the virgin Mary, executed on the cross by Pontius Pilate, died, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day for your sins. Perhaps the books of our four gospel writers would better be listed as “Mark’s Account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ” as opposed to the “The Gospel of Mark.”

Remember, there’s only one gospel and if anyone comes to you preaching another, let him be anathema.


3 thoughts on “There is Only One Gospel

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    And, certainly not Joel’s gospel, or Joyce’s gospel, or any of the televangelists!


    • I once heard Benny Hinn do a really good job once, though I think that was because he was calling out a competing “Christian” network. It’s amusing how you can hear bad preachers do a good job with scripture when it involves making a competing bad preacher lose ground.


      • Greg Eilers says:

        Interesting that you mentioned Benny Hinn, but I started to type his name after Joyce’s and decided to simply say “etc.”

        Even bad baseball players hit the ball once in awhile.


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