Jesus is not a cameo guest star

Growing up, I used to love watching Saturday morning cartoons. One such program was Garfield & Friends. It was two separate cartoons rolled into one half hour block. A running gag of the show was that a character from one of the cartoons would just show up in the other for no apparent reason for nothing more than a few seconds. Someone would usually remark, “What’s he doing here?” “Oh,” another would reply, “he’s a cameo guest star.” The cameo guest star would usually never utter a single word.

Just appear on screen for a moment and that’s it.

Is that how Jesus is in your pastor’s sermons? If he is, you should probably hightail it along with everyone you know away from that church. Too many pastors treat Jesus as the cameo guest star. It’s absolutely amazing how these so called pastors can spend over an hour preaching on finances or good sex and never touch the gospel. They just bring Jesus out, bound and gagged mind you so that he doesn’t interfere with the message, and say, “Hey look, it’s Jesus,” thereby giving the impression that the Son of God actually approves of what is being said despite having absolutely nothing to do with him.

My friends, if Christ is not the star, if he is relegated to nothing more than a silent cameo guest star, then you’re not hearing the gospel.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus is not a cameo guest star

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    Wow, I loved this post, Brad! Well, I didn’t love that you felt compelled to write it, but it was in fact needed and you put it in such a good way that any Christian should grasp it. Every Christian minister should read this post, and then have it pasted in his pulpit.


  2. […] One of my readers, LCMS member Brad Grierson, recently wrote a short but essential post on pastors’ sermons, ‘Jesus is not a cameo guest star’. […]


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