God doesn’t take bribes

Christianity an interesting thing when it comes to Salvation.  Unlike other religions, you can’t buy God off.  He’s not Allah with a set of scales weighing your deeds.  For example, if you kick your neighbor’s dog, you can’t do a bunch of nice things to tip the balance in your favor.  He won’t take your sacrifices as appeasement for your wrongs.  Sorry dude, God doesn’t care how much money your surrender or how many virgins you sacrifice (though Satan might if you’re living in a horror movie).  He doesn’t even want your first born like Moloch.  No, in Christianity, one single solitary sin pretty much condemns you and you can’t bribe God to let you off the hook.  So Jesus did it for you.  He took the punishment for your sins.  He did not sin.  He lived perfectly.  And as such, his sacrifice was the only sacrifice worthy of God’s forgiveness.  God doesn’t take bribes but he lets you off the hook for the sake of his Son, Jesus Christ.  He forgives you for your sins, not because you did anything at all to get that forgiveness, but because Jesus Christ acted as the substitutionary atonement that you could never provide.

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3 thoughts on “God doesn’t take bribes

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    “But, Karma will reward me for doing good, right? Life proves that good things happen to good people, so Karma must be true. Right, Pastor Brad, right?” Ugh. The number of Christians who fall for that is crazy.

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    • I think the tagline of the White Horse Inn is especially important; know what you believe and why you believe it. Amazing that so many Christians don’t know what they claim to believe or why.

      On another note, I don’t see a Pastor Brad in future without some sort of miracle. I was looking at the Greek courses that are required before seminary. It would basically require me to neglect my family. I couldn’t do that.


      • Greg Eilers says:

        White Horse Inn nailed it

        As for Greek, I took it in the summer. Yes, it was intense, but I didn’t have to ignore my family – and I had four kids, ages from eleven to three. In fact, I stayed in a dorm in Fort Wayne all week, then drove home on Friday, returning early Monday morning. It was very doable.


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