Pray in good cheer and then some

I admit, I am very bad at prayer.  For whatever reason, I almost never do it except for Sundays at church.  Perhaps it’s a lifetime of not praying that I can attribute this too.  Old habits are tough to break and all that.  And then, if I do pray when I’m not in church, it’s usually because I’m having a rough time.  I know I’m not the only one.  So many of us pray only in times of trouble.  When life is going grand, when everything is awesome, prayer just kinda gets shoved to the side.  But that’s not how it should be.  Ephesians 6:16-18 says we should be praying at all times and in all circumstances.

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my wife.  I went to bed happy, perhaps the happiest I’ve gone to bed in quite some time.  I was so grateful for such a wonderful day that I had to pray about it.  I had to give thanks to God for the wonderful day I had.  That’s a start.  But what about when I’m simply having a bad day?  Or a good day?  Or even a day that just kinda meh?  I am to pray then too as are we all.  In every trouble, in every joy, and in every situation, we should pray.  I need to get better at it, and I bet you do as well.


One thought on “Pray in good cheer and then some

  1. theoldadam says:

    I’m not too good at it, either.

    A lot of times I start to pray and then a few minutes later I’m thinking about something altogether different.

    Maybe that’s why He has the Spirit intercede for us. He knows that we are lousy at it, too.


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