An unnatural death

What if I told you that no one has ever died of natural causes?  Would you be a little skeptical?  What if I told you that everyone has been killed by the exact same thing?  You’d probably think me to be a liar or a maniac.  Yet, if I told you these things, I would correct.  And I can prove it to you.  The key is in Genesis 2:17.  That passage in reference discusses the consequences of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the consequences being death.  Now, the passage doesn’t say they will immediately die or die that instant, it just says that they will surely die.  That passage is key because it implies that there was no death.  It just didn’t happen.  Death is not something that naturally occurs in the world.  So then, what causes death?

There is only one thing causes death and that is sin.  While things like illness, murder, natural disaster, accidents, etc. can all result in death, the only reason someone dies is because of sin.  Romans 5:12 spells this out to us clearly when it tells us that death comes from sin.  So from these two passages we see two things.  Death is completely unnatural AND the reason we die is because of sin.  Without sin, there is no death.  Grandma didn’t die of old age.  She was killed by sin.  Cancer didn’t take your father’s life.  Sin took it.  The bullet didn’t kill your friend.  The sin killed your friend.  Those people didn’t die in a flood.  They died because of sin. All death is the result of sin.  You will die because of sin.  You cannot stop it.  There is nothing you can do.

Thankfully, there is one who did not sin.  Jesus Christ.  He lived completely sinless.  By all logic, he could not die.  There was no sin in him.  And yet, he died on the cross.  But how?  He died because he took all your sins upon and into himself.  He died because of you.  And because your sin has been taken from you and placed into the body of Jesus Christ, God does not see your sin.  When you die, though Jesus’ shed blood on the cross, your sin will not be seen.  Oh, sin will still kill you, but upon death, instead of being dragged to where sin is sent to be extinguished, you will be taken to where sin does not exist.  You will never see the second death because you will have no sin because the one who was sinless took your sin and had it nailed to a Roman cross.

Though you die an unnatural death, be blessed in knowing that it is not counted against you as it should.

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One thought on “An unnatural death

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    I hope the sermon I hear in a few hours is this good, with such clarity, with perfectly put ideas, with clearly divided Law and Gospel, with Jesus Christ’s perfect sacrifice shining through.


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