Honest Rejection?

I want to let every single individual know that the link posted below is extremely graphic and may very well be something you never want to see. It is absolutely not safe for work, children, or the faint of heart.  However, I feel it is critical that the matter in the video be discussed.  Let me preface the situation for you.  ISIS (a Muslim terrorist group) soldiers have been taking over portions of Iraq.  Christians have been being raped and murdered.  Children and adults alike are being beheaded.  Some children as young as six years old from what I have seen have even been forced into marriage. The people are being told that if they want to live that they must renounce their Christian faith and convert to Islam.  And then, they are sometimes killed anyways.

In the linked video, a Christian man is converted at gun point.  He says, “There is no God but God and I testify that Mohammad is his messenger.” What follows is the horrific scene of the Muslims cutting his head off anyways.

So I ask, what is the eternal fate of this man?  What if he was sincerely rejecting God and Jesus Christ in light of the circumstances and actually converting to Islam?  What if he was not sincere and merely said what he did to save his own skin?  Does it even matter?  Can your final actions alive seal your eternal fate?

I think this one warrants some discussion.  In my personal opinion, I think he was simply lying in an attempt to save his life, but his words were still blasphemous.  I ask the above questions because I honestly don’t know his eternal fate.  I don’t think anyone does.  But it’s important to know exactly what scripture says on these matters.  So I’d like to hear what everyone has to say and specifically what scripture says.


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6 thoughts on “Honest Rejection?

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    Isn’t the point of standing up for Christ that one will not give in under persecution? A favorite confirmation verse is Revelation 2:10: “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.” Even our LCMS confirmation rite has the pastor asking the confirmands, “Will you suffer all, even death, rather than fall away from this confession and faith?”

    One cannot say, “I will say that I believe in Allah, but I’ll have my fingers crossed and God will know that I don’t mean it.”

    On the one hand, no Christian has permission to excuse such action. On the other hand, it is not for us to make judgments about one’s eternal life. It is our job to follow the Lord’s Word, it is the Lord’s job to judge.

    Praise the true God that He is merciful, and Jesus Christ is His mercy.

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    • Thank you, Greg. This is kind of where my thoughts have been as well. I’m just so frustrated with the whole thing that I’m relatively sure that I haven’t been thinking clearly. As someone who regularly disapproves of government intervention, I am genuinely upset that this is the one time we haven’t launched a full scale invasion and put a bullet in every single ISIS head. And I know that’s not a very Christian thing of me to say or feel, bit as I stated, I’m probably not thinking the most clear.

      I’ve been watching the videos. I’ve watched them cut the heads off of children and adults. I watched one where a Muslim was clutching a terrified six year old girl claiming her to be his new wife. I have no problems admitting that I am infuriated and enraged. But then I saw this video and it struck a different chord with me. This man, as blasphemous as his actions, gave in to their demands and they still removed his head. I’ve watched horrific murders before without much thought either way. I recognize that I am often cold and unfeeling perhaps because I recognize that this is how the world is and getting emotional about it does no good. But this one broke my heart, more so than the the decapitated children. I think this was different because I actually watched a man renounce his faith moments before execution and as such, I can reasonably presume his eternal fate. And that’s tragic.


      • Greg Eilers says:

        First, I’m with you: injustice drives me crazy. Even the slightest wrongdoing toward others I find reprehensible. So, this type of stuff is off the charts horrible.

        Second, I repeat: the Lord is merciful. He knew the man’s eternal situation before any of this came to pass. I lean toward relying on His mercy in Christ rather than immediately believing the man was lost because of his confession. Look at Peter, who swore up and down that he would not deny Christ, and only hours later he was denying Christ WHEN A YOUNG GIRL QUESTIONED HIM! Did the Lord reject Peter? No, He forgave him. Does He have such mercy for us, too? All of the time.


      • Greg, first off, I need to say, I agree 100% with everything you just said. However, I must point out there is one big difference between Peter’s denial and the denial of this man and that is was able to repent. Aside from perhaps a brief moment in his head before he died, this man did not have that opportunity. He died almost immediately after verbally rejecting Jesus Christ. Perhaps I am allowing my thoughts to enter territory where they simply should not go. I know that I should not make declarations of where this man’s eternal soul will end up, but it troubles me nonetheless. Still, I think there is a lot that can be learned from this.


      • Greg Eilers says:

        Brad: Thankfully, the Lord is not a score-keeper, noting whether we covered every sin with repentance. If we have to repent of every sin before we die, then the Christian who kills himself must be damned because, clearly, he rejected the Lord, right? And, in the classic one used at seminary, the Christian who curses another driver for cutting him off, but causes himself to veer off the road and into a fatal accident, he has to be damned because the last thing he did was commit a sin . . . and didn’t repent.

        Ephesians chapter one is good to note: before the creation of the world, God chose us in Christ to be holy in His sight. The Lord knows who His own are, and the Lord Jesus promises that none of us can be plucked out of His hand. As Drew noted, that included Moses, Peter, and Rahab.

        So, if the poor man in the video belonged to Christ, he belongs to Christ. We can’t know the answer in this life – we live by faith – so we continue to mortify our sinful natures and place our trust in the Lord’s mercy given to us in Jesus Christ.

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  2. Drew says:

    A few things.

    1. Moses was forbidden to enter the Promise Land for disobeying God. What do we see in the New Testament? We see Moses enter the Promise Land when we see him with Jesus and Elijah in Matthew 17.

    2. Peter denied Jesus three times. But I thought Jesus said those who deny me before man will be denied before the Father? He did, but yet we see Peter repenting and used by God mightily.

    3. Rehab lied to protect the two Israeli spies and is listed in the Hall of Faith.

    4. God blessed the midwives that lied to protect the Hebrew children in the book of Exodus.

    We do not know all of the circumstances for this man who was murdered. Did He watch his wife and daughter murdered after they were raped? What was the emotional state of his situation? Only God knows and I assume (just an assumption) that God’s grace covers him, but this is only conjuncture.


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