Death on a cross

Crucifixion is a horrible way to go.  It doesn’t look as bad as other deaths but when you get into the details it’s really quite horrific.  The victim is held to a cross as nails are driven through his body.  History shows us that the nails to hold the upper body are pounded through the hands or wrists.  Then, through the lower body by hammering them through the feet or heels.  The through the heel part really makes me cringe because the nails not only have to go through solid bone, but they also rub against a nerve anytime the victim moved making the suffering that much more excruciating.

Now imagine these nails are holding up your body with maybe a little rope to help so you don’t fall off and prematurely get a break from suffering.  Your own body weight is pulling you down making it difficult to breathe.  You need to pull yourself up just a little bit so you can have some easy breath, but the only thing with any kind of hold are your hands and feet.  Struggling, you muster your strength and raise your body.  You can breathe but the pain is now far more intense.  So you let go.  The pain subsides but now you’re having trouble breathing again.

Imagine all of that.  If you’re having trouble, just do a search for ISIS crucifixion.  Then you won’t have to imagine that.  You’ll see it exactly as it is.

Now imagine that Christ got it worse and you’ll have an idea of what he suffered for you.  I say idea because hopefully you’ll never experience what Christ suffered for you, that is the punishment for all of mans sins for all of time all at once.  If you ever get more than just an idea of what he suffered, then it means you’re dead and have been to where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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