Miracles didn’t happen all the time, but they do now

Sometime I’ll hear the argument that, “According to the Bible, miracles happened all the time. If the Bible is true, why don’t they happen now?” That argument is so terrible flawed that it’s difficult to fathom someone actually using it, yet it happens all the time. Here’s the first problem, miracles as the common world views them didn’t happen all that much and the Bible never makes any sort of assertion that they did. “But just read the Bible,” they say. “They happened all the time.” Okay. I have read the bible and here is what people who make that argument don’t seem to realize. The Bible takes place over thousands of years. On top of that, it follows the lives of what, roughly 30 people or so? More if you include the minor individuals. So what we have here is actually a record of a few miracles that happened to a few people over a few thousand years. When you put it in context, you kind of realize that miracles weren’t just happening all over the place willy nilly. If they did, they wouldn’t be miracles. They’d be common events that people could reasonably expect.

As for the second part, miracles do happen today, though they are not always recognized as such. That is why in the first part, I refered to miracles as how the common world views them.  In fact, there is a miracle that happens today that is greater than in all of scripture. A miracle that I would argue has happened more often in the past two thousand years than in all of scripture combined.  That is whenever an individual is granted salvation through the grace of Christ. There is no greater miracle than that. His shed blood on the cross that you might be saved is proof that salvation is a miracle because if there was something you needed to do, it wouldn’t be much of a miracle now would it.


3 thoughts on “Miracles didn’t happen all the time, but they do now

  1. theoldadam says:

    You hit that nail squarely on the head.

    There is no greater miracle than that the Lord has made a believer out of me.

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  2. Greg Eilers says:

    People in Bible class always argue with me that the birth of a child is a miracle. No, I tell them; it is wonderful, but having children is completely natural. The definition of a miracle is something that is supernatural. So, Brad, you have it right – the power of the Word works supernaturally. The Means of Grace – the Gospel and the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – are supernatural works in the natural world, conveying forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation, to the praise of the Lord Jesus.

    Even more, there are so many folks who expect God to do miracles in this age. I tell them that I don’t tell God what to do, so I don’t know that He won’t work a miracle, but I do know this: He has PROMISED to do miracles in the Means of Grace, so let’s focus on them, and therefore focus where the Lord wants us to focus: on our Savior, Jesus.

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