The real altar call

I’ve spoken in the past on how damaging an altar call can be, but what I didn’t speak on was that there is a very real altar call that is wonderful indeed.  Every Sunday, God calls us to his altar to receive his body and blood.  Not just a representation of body and blood, but actual body and blood.    This very real body and blood is given for the very real forgiveness of sins.  Not only that, the real altar call is true proclamation of the gospel.

 So as you can see, the altar call, the real altar call, is a very sacred right instituted by God himself.  It is not a call to unbelievers to receive Jesus into their hearts.  NO!  It is a call from God himself to believers.  A call to us from God every single week to receive his body and blood and forgiveness of sins.  Holy communion.  The Lord’s supper.  The sacraments.  This is the real altar call.  And it’s the only altar call that proclaims gospel and the forgiveness of sins.

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3 thoughts on “The real altar call

  1. Greg Eilers says:

    Right on!


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