The sin of praying to the Saints

Roman Catholic tradition teaches praying to the Saints.  Many of our protestant brethren would tell us we should not do so because it’s not found in scripture.  Well, that’s a rather sad excuse.  Should I not listen to heavy metal or country simply because it’s not found in scripture?  Hardly.  If that’s your line of reasoning, than we shouldn’t be driving motor cars or using computers.  More astute Christians will tell us that we should not be praying to the Saints because Christ is our only mediator between God.  And that is a very valid argument.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.

Not through John.  Not through Mark.  Not through Augustine.  Not through Luther.  Through Jesus.  So why would we pray to any of these Saints?  It is not through them which we shall be saved but through Jesus Christ.

But that’s not what I’m getting at either.  Not, what I’m getting at is that praying to the Saints is a sin on the grounds that contacting the dead is a sin.  First of all, Deuteronomy 18:10-11 explicitly speaks against it.  We can also look at 1 Samuel 28 in which Saul goes to a medium to contact Samuel.  According to verse 15, contact from the world of the living was a major annoyance for Samuel.  Furthermore, we see when Saul asks Samuel for help, Samuel basically answers “Why are you asking me when the Lord has turned from you?” Saul asking Samuel for help isn’t really all that different than praying to the Saints.  Both are dead.  Both are great people of God.  Seems to me that speaking with the dead doesn’t do a whole lot of good.  Since we are not to be contacting the dead, then we should not be praying to the Saints because what is prayer but contact.  It’s difference when we pray to Jesus because he is risen from the dead.  Being no longer dead, he is a living body that may be contacted.  If you are praying to the Saints, then you are attempting to contact the dead which, as the law tells us, is a sin.

Some Roman Catholics will point to Matthew 17:3 as proof that praying to the Saints is okay and that contacting the dead isn’t forbidden.  However, there is one thing they tend to leave out.  Peter didn’t contact the dead here; Jesus, AKA God, did.  I think it stands to reason that God can do whatever he pleases.  God also made a wager with Satan.  That doesn’t mean we should.

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One thought on “The sin of praying to the Saints

  1. theoldadam says:


    Why bother, anyway? When we can go straight to the source!

    Those poor, misled Catholics.

    God loves them, too. But I don’t think He’s too pleased with that clergy over there.


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