Is Killing Children Merciful?

A lot of Christian churches claim children get a free pass. They refer to this as the age of accountability. Even though nowhere in scripture is this taught. I think a lot of this so-called age of accountability is the result of decision theology. If you have to make a decision for Jesus, than Jesus can’t save you without your help first. This creates a problem because babies and small children can’t make a decision for Christ. They’re too young to understand. So, if they can’t properly choose Jesus with understanding, then that dooms them to eternal hell just for being dumb. You can see where this wouldn’t sit well for many people. So somewhere along the line came this idea of an age of accountability where children get a free pass because they can’t choose. And then, once you throw this in there, you’ve created all sorts of other conundrums. What about the mentally retarded? Do they get a free pass? What about those who never heard the Gospel? Do they get a free pass? What about the crazy? Do they get a free pass?

So, this age of accountability creates all sorts of problems, but what I’d like to address is the most glaring one. The one no one seems comfortable with addressing. Should we murder the children?

Appalling is it not? The thing is, if you believe in an age of accountability, then the answer is a resounding YES! You absolutely should be murdering children. If children get a free pass until they reach a certain age, then killing them is the only merciful option. Some might counter and say that it would be sin to murder children. Well, yes, that would be true. It would be a sin, but it would be a much more merciful sin than allowing them to risk eternal damnation by letting them grow up. To not murder children to ensure they get to heaven makes you an absolute monster. By some accounts, Hitler and Stalin were better people than you because they made sure that many children achieved salvation because they had the good decency to execute them before the age of accountability. They made the decision for Jesus for them.

As I’ve said in the past, children don’t get a free pass. Scripture says that faith comes through hearing. It does not say faith comes through understanding. It does not say faith comes through choice. It says faith comes through hearing. So preach the gospel boldly and worry not if they understand because Christ will give them faith if he so wills it.

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