Greater Forgiveness in Death

A while back, I watched a documentary involving World War II though I honestly can’t remember what it was. In part of the film, a few elderly vets went back to a place where they had an intense battle with the Nazis. While they were there, two elderly Nazi vets showed up. Though they had never met, they knew each other. Not by name or anything like that, but by the fact that they fought in the same battle. They remembered exactly where they were positioned and where they were shooting. These men some sixty years before were actively trying to kill each other. In fact, they’d each succeeded in killing each others friends. But then something happened that struck me.

As they talked about the battle, none of them had any animosity towards each other. In fact, they embraced and hugged each other and even shared some laughs together. At the end, they all posed for a picture with smiles to commemorate the historic moment. It was a beautiful thing to see.

In a way, Christ’s forgiveness is kinda like that. The big difference is that while these men who reconciled were trying to kill each other, we actually killed Christ. While they were only able to forgive in life, only Christ can forgive in death.

And he does.

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