Jesus loves me. So what?

Jesus loves you. Now if that isn’t a Christian phrase that’s slung around like a dusty old back pack. You know, I’ve heard that phrase many times in my life and I can count only once where it held any effect to me. It was a sweet black lady. She was in my check out line when I worked at Wal-Mart with her two children. As I gave her receipt, she smiled and said, “Jesus loves you.” That was the only time I’ve ever heard it where it felt honest. Every single other time I have heard it, it felt like nothing more than a throwaway phrase, like something say to end a conversation. “Nice talking to you, Mark. Jesus loves you.” “Jesus loves you too, Bob.” It seems ridiculous and absurd in that context but honestly, that what it sounds like most of the time.

Who cares if Jesus loves me? So what? What good does that do for me?

What’s more important is not so much that he loves me, but what he did because he loves me. What is infinitely more powerful than “Jesus loves you,” is “Jesus died for you.” That opens up so many more doors. “Wait! Jesus died for me? Why? What of this is which you speak?” If you talk to most non-Christians and you tell them “Jesus loves you,” I can almost guarantee they’ll be thinking, “Yeah, whatever.” But if you tell them “Jesus died for you,” even if they don’t reciprocate, the gears in their head have now been oiled.

In conclusion, if Jesus loves me but he didn’t show his love, then his love wouldn’t mean jack. But by dying on the cross for my sins, I don’t need to be told he loves me because his love his shown to me. Yes, Jesus loves you and it’s shown through his death and resurrection. Proclaim that and you proclaim his love.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus loves me. So what?

  1. John J Flanagan says:

    Oh…come on brother, lighten up. Jesus loves you. Don’t be so technical, so critical. Would you rather a stranger just curse, greet you with the usual cheery hello, or utter a comment about the weather? Why make a big deal about a warm and pleasant way of sharing our faith? And you cannot say with certainty that others besides the Walmart cashier were not serious and loving when they uttered the words, “Jesus loves you.” Of course we recognize that Our Lord went to the cross for us, and His love is boundless. The next time someone says to you, “Jesus loves you,” why not reply…”Indeed He does, and thank you for reminding me.”


    • You seem to be missing my point, good sir. My point is not that this is bad to say. My point is this does little to show gospel to the unbeliever. It does not show them any reason to have faith in Christ. Am I being nitpicky? Perhaps. But it was on my mind this morning and I could not help think about how it has been used in instances that I have seen and how it has been received.


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