No Such Thing as a Gay Christian

You may have heard someone say, “I’m a gay Christian,” and thought to yourself, “Wait, I didn’t know that was possible?” Well, the reason you didn’t know that was possible is because it isn’t. You cannot be a gay Christian. It just can’t happen. Now, you can be a Christian who struggles with homosexuality. Absolutely. That is a completely different thing from being a gay Christian. On the surface, they sound similar, but there is a rather large difference between the two. Let’s take a look.

The so-called gay Christian is identifying with the sin, not Christ whereas the Christian who struggles with homosexuality recognizes his urges and feelings are wrong and places his troubles at the feet of Christ. To identify with the sin is to give the sin a pass and claim it is not sin. To claim what God has declared sin to be not sinful is to make God a liar. This is not any different from someone who would claim to be an adulterous Christian or a thieving Christian. “Yeah, I cheat on my wife all the time, but it’s okay because I’m with Christ.” “Christ is okay with me stealing all this stuff because he died for me.” Do you see how stupid that sounds? God isn’t cool with theft, adultery, homosexuality, or any other sin. He hates it. He despises sin with every fiber of his being.

Yet God sent his son who was perfectly sinless to die for our sins. That we may be forgiven for our sins. So if you honestly have faith that Christ died for you and gave you forgiveness for your sins, then why on earth with you ever identify with those sins instead of the one who forgave them? A Christian may struggle with homosexuality. The old Adam constantly tempts us with lusts of the flesh. Those lusts are different from person to person, but they are there for everyone. Everyone has their own sins that they struggle with daily. If you identify with those sins then you are not a Christian because you have elevated your sin above Christ. So what are you? Are you a sinner or a Christian who struggles with sin?

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One thought on “No Such Thing as a Gay Christian

  1. John J Flanagan says:

    Very well defined and accurate. A “gay Christian” is one who puts his or her sin before their identity as a Christian, and this is to imply God is comfortable with accepting homosexuality or even gay marriage as righteous behavior, when it simply is not so. A Christian struggles with sin, including sexual sins and lust, but knowing the sins are present does not mean God wants us to indulge in them, but Holy Writ admonishes us to turn away. Nevertheless, in today’s morality, many want to justify and celebrate sin instead, and churches of the progressive liberal branches of the ELCA, PCUSA, Episcopalian, and others gladly provide false assurances and theological justification in spite of what the Bible teaches. We live at a time when pagan values have corrupted Christianity in our land, and only a remnant who have not “bowed the knee to Baal” will remain faithful, and will be persecuted under anti-discrimination laws by both our own government and by civil society.


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