The question of sin (1 of 4)

Eilers Pizza

As I take up the subject of sin, my goal is not to win this discussion, making myself a victor and someone else a loser. After I present the information over these four days, I will not say that I have all of the answers, or even that I have any answers. One is doing foolish work who insists he has every answer. Please, read me as one longing to properly understand himself from both the Word of God AND his physical ailment.

I lead off with discussing a number of areas where attitudes have changed or there is disagreement in my own church body, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS).

The LCMS takes as serious as any church body the doctrine of God. While the foundational doctrines remain untouched—those taught in the Athanasian, Nicene, and Apostles’ creeds—many second-tier teachings have been juggled; some caught, some swapped, some dropped.

Second-tier doctrines and…

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2 thoughts on “The question of sin (1 of 4)

  1. eilerspizza says:

    Brad displays a marvelously charitable heart. On my blog, one can read his comments about this post. He has his concerns, which are very great and well-placed. That he has godly concerns, yet reblogged this post, displays the kind of heart to which I am looking: the kind which grasps that we have much to learn and the open, respectful exchange is a good thing for us Christians.

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  2. John J Flanagan says:

    Among Lutherans, as well as other denominations, there are differences of opinion in theology and practice, worship style, and biblical interpretations. However, a reading of the plain words of scripture, apart from more complicated verses, usually gives the most sufficient interpretation for our purposes. Regarding the idea of Christian liberty, there is a guide to behavior which is established in scripture, and it is neither liberal nor legalistic. There are Lutherans who simply want more of the world in their lives, and so they promote some excesses which other Lutherans avoid. Some Lutherans in the LCMS who blog and complain that the synod is too strict, and really want us to be more like ELCA are merely trying to have the world’s values cloaked in religiosity. But as for sin, most of us should know from our Bible readings, take Romans 1, for example, that sins of the flesh are the route to debauchery and sexual sin. Hence, Lutherans posting on blogs today, and specifically those who push for tolerance of transgenderism,homosexuality and permissive behavior, ordination of women, and conformity with progressive churches, are moving further away from God’s word while attempting to convince others that God approves. Not so. Although I am a part of an LCMS, I am first a Bible Christian, and should the LCMS join the post modernists to be accepted by the paganized culture in which we live…..then I shall no longer be a Lutheran….and I shall seek to worship at a faithful church instead. Our first loyalty must always be to God and His word.


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