The question of sin (4 of 4)

In this final installment of the series, The Question of Sin, Greg cuts to the heart of the matter and lays his cards out on the table.

Eilers Pizza

I remain in full unity with the doctrines of God as we believe, teach, and confess them in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). While I have been advocating some things with which many (not all) in the LCMS do not agree, and I believe the one study on gender dysphoria published by us is greatly lacking, there is no doctrine of the LCMS with which I am in disagreement.

That I have some disagreement with my church body is not unusual. If you can find two LCMS pastors who agree on the practice of every teaching, even as they confess the same doctrine, then I’ll let you buy me a pizza to tell me about it.

In going public with my condition and my arguments, concern was expressed that I might lead some into sin, and that I might announce that transitioning is a fine and dandy thing. I have…

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4 thoughts on “The question of sin (4 of 4)

  1. eilerspizza says:

    The trump card is our Lord Jesus. Alleluia! Amen!


  2. John J Flanagan says:

    Whether or not “you can find two LCMS pastors who agree” on anything is not the criteria by which we judge right and wrong, moral conduct, or core fundamentals of the Christian Faith. We look to God’s word as our authority, and if we do not like what the word of God says or implies, or even that which the word of God remains silent or up to Christian liberty…there is the Holy Spirit guiding us. If we really doubt if some form of behavior is wrong in our own minds, and if we ignore the counsel and wisdom of faithful believers, then we can go off on our own earnestly seeking something to affirm our new opinion. However, this approach is sure to lead into many problems because we are honestly just looking to convince ourselves and others of the truth of our insight. Not all issues require debate or dialogue between LCMS pastors, especially if God’s word provides a plain and uncomplicated response.


    • The Author says:

      John, I have to question if when you read the posts if you bothered to read Greg Eilers’ comments and replies on his blogs page? Some of your comments that you have left on my reposts almost seem to imply that you didn’t even read the whole thing. There are a few things you imply in some of your comments that Greg either addressed in the blog post or the comments.


  3. eilerspizza says:

    i agree, John, regarding wrong behavior and listening to wise counsel. Believe me, this has been a tremendously tough thing for me to navigate, always striving to be true to the Lord. The result so far? I find that most people judge gender dysphoria and transgender without any study, only on what they’ve known from a few people in the news over the years, and judge it sinful behavior. In other places, I have compared gender dysphoria with depression, and our views on it a few generations ago, misjudging and harshly judging people. Now, knowing so much more about it, we are doing a better job of judging this and those who suffer it. This, really, is all I ask, that folks give medical science time to catch up, to learn what causes gender dysphoria, that we might better treat it. In the mean time, for folks like me, for those Christians who transition or entertain it, that people be understanding that we do not desire to test the Lord or be disobedient, but we are fighting the battle of our lives. As we say, we would not wish this horrible thing on our worst enemy.


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