I am a real person

When I was younger, before I was a Christian, there was no problem a good bottle couldn’t fix. It almost always made me feel better. And if it didn’t, I’d eventually pass out and feel better about everything in the morning. I recall one particularly rough night when I drank an entire bottle of whiskey on my own. The next day, I felt great. Since becoming Christian, I don’t drink even remotely like I used to and I don’t need it to solve my problems.

So, when you’ve discovered the greatest thing in the world, how do you help someone who in reality probably understands far better than you ever will? What about when that great thing is of no help to them? I honestly don’t know what your supposed to say, if anything. I suppose the only thing to say is that scripture never promises to fix our problems. The fact that I no longer drink a thirty pack of beer a day could be the result of God’s hand or it could be sheer dumb luck, an outcome of the choices I’ve made. In some respect, a lot of our life comes down to the choices we make.

In a previous post, I pointed out how things that can be used for sin  are not necessarily sinful in and of themselves. Not to say that one who goes through gender reassignment isn’t sinning, but for a hypothetical moment, let’s just say it’s not a sin. How one uses that gender reassignment could make much a sin. I’m not going to go into the ways a gender swap can be used for sin. I’ll let your imagination figure that out. And I’d like to point out for the record that I am NOT saying that Greg would use a gender swap for evil (such as beating up women), I’m just making a point of something that should be considered as it brings a whole new level of required awareness to the table.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this right now. I just felt I had to say something and now that I’ve said it, I honestly don’t know where to take it. But here is what Greg has to say…

Eilers Pizza

I am a real person. I cry real tears. I feel real pain. I experience real joy. I express and receive real love.

For all of the joy I experienced after changing my picture and profile yesterday, I experienced an equal measure of hurt. I received new friends; I lost old friends. I received very serious private messages of concern, and messages in which my intentions, by publicly writing, were called a veiled plan to cover the transition of which I was already certain.

I never wanted this time to come. I fought so hard to remain a male. For as peaceful as I feel about my brain and body finally coming into harmony, and the joy I experience living as a female, the good parts never last for long because the next hard thing appears, issues with family and friends and church and on and on.

I constantly return…

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3 thoughts on “I am a real person

  1. eilerspizza says:

    Pieces like this are very important, so thank you very much for reposting it. Trans people are terribly marginalized, as if we are less than human. Do you know that 17 trans women have been murdered in the USA so far this year – 15 of them people of color – generally just because they are trans and, therefore, trash? (Okay, that’s my editorial comment, but that is what these essentially boil down to.)


    • The Author says:

      Hey Greg.

      I was actually adding comments to this at the time you replied, so you may want to go back and take a look.

      In response to your statement of 17 transsexuals being murdered, the reason, at least for me, is irrelevant. While that statement may sound extremely harsh, it’s honest. The reason someone was murdered is only relevant to that case and that is prove innocence or guilt in a court of law. When you start using the reasons as a means of statistics, then you get into the shady area of hate crime, an absolutely horrid method of sentencing. People who are intent to commit a crime against someone is going to do it regardless of what the law says. They don’t care about a harsher sentence based on their motives. The only people it helps are those who are on the moral high horse that we can punish someone more harshly because their feelings were wrong. This is how we get into a lot of the absolutely stupid and asinine laws that we have today.

      So no, I really don’t care why 17 people were murdered. What matters is they were murdered and hopefully those that murdered them were apprehended and justice was served appropriately. Whether they were straight, gay, transsexual, black, white, or had five arms; it does not matter. Murder is murder, straight up. To reiterate, the reason ONLY matters in the specific case that it is being tried for in a court of law as a means to help determine innocence or guilt. As far as I am concerned, it has not place outside of it’s own case.

      Are you terribly marginalized? Quite probably. Are you treated as less than human? No doubt. Do I feel you are less than human? Not at all. But people are murdered every single day, almost all of them I’m sure are for very stupid/lame reasons. “Oh, this person was murdered because he was gay.” So what? Some kid just shot his dad in the head because his dad told him he couldn’t play Nintendo. The reason doesn’t make it any more or less tragic. But when you start using the why in the statistics, you start making laws that protect feelings and that is an absolutely abhorrent thing.

      I apologize if I came of harsh or on a rant, but you managed to hit a nerve on something I feel very strongly about. I hope you don’t take it personally. That was not the intended purpose.


      • eilerspizza says:

        While I don’t like hate crime legislation, the point is an important one: some people are treated worse for who they are – as if it is someone else’s right to take their life (can you say KKK?) – so, dagnabit, let us all care about that.


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