The final post as Greg

I repost this only in that I feel that this is an important topic. I cannot say that I agree or support the direct Greg is heading. I suspect that he will probably be disappointed that I cannot in good conscience recognize him as Gina or refer to him as her. These are things I cannot view as interchangeable nor can I view such changing such words to be right. That said, I still consider Greg a friend and hope that he will remain as such, despite my disagreement. Please read, though I urge you to make your comments directly to his blog and not my repost. I feel such discussion would be better served at the source rather than the relay.


One thought on “The final post as Greg

  1. eilerspizza says:

    That you feel this way, Brad, “I suspect that he will probably be disappointed,” and your other comments, impresses me all the more that you reposted this. I commend you for assisting in broadening the conversation.

    For the record, the vast majority of those who transition – when it is done slowly, one step at a time, under good care – find the relief they sought and live significantly better lives. Some put the percent at 97%. I find that a reasonable estimate. And, yes, I have gotten to know some of them.

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