Making radio waves

This was a great radio interview. I encourage all to listen to it.

Eilers Pizza

Five years ago, I met Mr. Matthew Pancake at a McDonald’s in Houston. I was a pastoral delegate to our national church convention; he was a lay delegate. The restaurant was the only fast food place on the walk from hotel to convention center. It was always crammed full. Matthew was forced to eat with all sorts of lowlifes.

When he got home, he remembered me and friended me on Facebook. Since I began posting in regard to gender dysphoria, he got involved with the conversation. He told his pastor, the Rev. Gary Held. He told me that Pastor Held and he host a radio program.

Several weeks ago, Matthew asked if I would be interested in being interviewed regarding gender dysphoria and transgender. We did a pre-interview two weeks ago. I didn’t scare them off. Last week, we taped the interview. It aired on their radio stations on Sunday…

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One thought on “Making radio waves

  1. eilerspizza says:

    As always, I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Brad!


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