It’s Not a Soup

I love canned soup. While a lot of people have a disdain for it, I personally think it’s wonderful. It’s convenient, simple, fits nicely in my lunch bag, and is easily disposable. So when Campbell’s started introducing flavors of other foods I love, I got excited. Cheesy quesadilla. Hearty pizza. And others. It sounded too awesome to be true. I love pizza and quesadillas, but they’re not exactly easy to fit into a lunch bag. It turns out that it was too good to be true. They tasted awful, nothing really like the actual foods. It turns out that repackaging one food as another good is generally a pretty bad idea. In theory it sounds good, but in practice it’s kind of gross.

And yet so often we repackage Jesus as a life coach, a buddy, a financial adviser, a dietitian, and even a creepy bearded girlfriend. Why? It’s never as good as the original. Sure, he might be more convenient that way, but you’ll probably end up disappointed before long.

I’ll take pizza as it is. I don’t need to sacrifice quality in the name of convenience.


One thought on “It’s Not a Soup

  1. Eliza says:

    I though you might like to know that Campbell’s is promoting homosexuals by having two men raising a young boy in one of their commercials. Now if that isn’t disturbing, I don’t know what is. Our family will not be buying Campbell’s anymore. God bless you.


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