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The Things We Get Away With

The other day as I was reading the Smalcald Articles, I came across a verse that struck me as pure truth. It was from the Third Part, Article II, The Law. Specifically it states:

Here we hold that the Law was given by God, first, to restrain sin by threats and the dread of punishment and by the promise and offer of grace and benefit. All this failed because of the evil that sin has worked in humanity. For by the Law some people were made worse sinners, those who are hostile to the Law because it forbids what they like to do and commands what they do not like to do. Wherever they can escape punishment, they do more against the Law than they did before. Those are the unrestrained and wicked, who do evil wherever they have the opportunity.

Does the bolded portion not hold true for most? One does something they know is sinful. Uncaught, they are more at ease to do it again when the opportunity arises, sometimes going deeper into sin than previous event. I’m sure we’ve all done it in some form or another. Perhaps in minor seemingly insignificant sins or maybe even in sins that pose a danger to others. Nonetheless, it’s a frightening, yet provoking thought. What do we get away with? Do we even always realize that we’re attempting to get away with something we shouldn’t? Matthew 7:3-5 seems appropraite here.

3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

To see past the logs, so to speak, is difficult when one keeps tripping on them.

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Hypocrites; All of Us

There’s an old adage that states that the one who preaches the hardest against something is probably the one most likely doing it. If the news is to be believed, than this is more often than not true. It seems all to often one who espouses the evils of drugs is discovered to snort cocaine with alarming regularity. The one who condemns alcohol winds up in the hospital for alcohol abuse. Adultery is called out for being abhorrent by those who they themselves are in adulterous affairs. Famous preacher Ted Haggard preached vehemently against homosexuality while having sex with other men. It seems as though there is no end to the hypocrisy spewed forth from the gullet of men who are supposed to be a paragon of righteousness. How can we trust anyone?

It’s tragic in the way we fall into sin. It’s enticing grasp pulls us further down the hole though we know it is wrong. I pose that perhaps the reason these people preach so hard against the very thing that they do is because they fight an inward battle that they are losing and that perhaps the words they preach are more for themselves then the very audience they give it to.

Romans 2:15 English Standard Version (ESV)
15 They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them

Because the law is written on their hearts, though they feel they cannot help but do the wrong that they do, they know that what they do is evil and wicked and strive to fight against it, perhaps thinking that by vocally condemning it to the world that they themselves will be able to resist and conquer. I suppose the real tragedy of it is all is that they are all too afraid to confess their sin until they are caught, though I’m sure that could be said to say the same for most of us. It’s so dark and evil that most people desire to hide it and who could blame them. I suspect most people have no desire to expose their shame to the world. So the fight the battle internally.

Before we condemn the hypocrite in front of us, remember we do not know the struggle they suffer. Yes, they need to be called to repentance, but I’m willing to bet that each of us is a hypocrite in our own little way, even if it’s not on such a grand stage.

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Sin is an STD

A friend of mine once said that life is an STD with a 100% mortality rate. Logically, it’s a pretty accurate statement, that is until you remember that we were not made to die.

When God told Adam about the tree of knowledge of good and evil that, “On the day you eat of it you will surely die,” he wasn’t kidding. When they disobeyed the command of the Lord, they became infected with sin. From that point forth, it has been transmitted to every man, woman, and child who has ever lived. Through intercourse we are given both life and the disease that our parents inherited from their parents and so forth all the way back to Adam.

Sin is such a vile disease that it kills everything it touches. It is unlike any other disease in existence. Not only is it spread sexually, but it is also airborne and spread through simple contact. And when your own sin mixes with other sin, you become sicker and sicker and you infect more and more. Such an epidemic of which there is no compare.

Men and women over the centuries have often tried to find a cure or vaccine, even to this day, but it is all to no avail. It is to great a disease. In cases of great epidemic, it is at times crucial to burn anything that could be contaminated to prevent the spread. In the case of sin, it is absolutely necessary burn all that is contaminated. It is that horrible.

So, what are we to do? What can we do? All human efforts have been for naught.

I watched a movie once where a disease caused people to attack and eat other people. There was no cure for this disease. The only solution was death. In the special features section of the DVD, they had discussed a plan to cure one of the characters. There was only one problem: the cure would actually kill him too. See, the disease was in the blood and the writers realized that if they could just replace the blood, then he would be saved. In order to replace the blood, they would have completely drain the man of all blood, then basically bleach his insides clean, and finally put new blood in him. The process would not only kill him but actually sounds worse than the disease. I don’t know about you, but I imagine I’d probably rather go crazy and eat another man’s flesh than have my insides bleached.

And yet, that is exactly the cure for sin. We are infected with a disease and the only way to get rid of it is to wash it out and replace it with clean blood. And that is exactly what Jesus did for us on the cross. He was born without sin and was executed for ours. His shed blood has washed away our sin. Our sin still kills us. It has done its damage. But we are not cast to the fire as those still infected as we will be with Christ, pure and without sin.

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No Such Thing as a Gay Christian

You may have heard someone say, “I’m a gay Christian,” and thought to yourself, “Wait, I didn’t know that was possible?” Well, the reason you didn’t know that was possible is because it isn’t. You cannot be a gay Christian. It just can’t happen. Now, you can be a Christian who struggles with homosexuality. Absolutely. That is a completely different thing from being a gay Christian. On the surface, they sound similar, but there is a rather large difference between the two. Let’s take a look.

The so-called gay Christian is identifying with the sin, not Christ whereas the Christian who struggles with homosexuality recognizes his urges and feelings are wrong and places his troubles at the feet of Christ. To identify with the sin is to give the sin a pass and claim it is not sin. To claim what God has declared sin to be not sinful is to make God a liar. This is not any different from someone who would claim to be an adulterous Christian or a thieving Christian. “Yeah, I cheat on my wife all the time, but it’s okay because I’m with Christ.” “Christ is okay with me stealing all this stuff because he died for me.” Do you see how stupid that sounds? God isn’t cool with theft, adultery, homosexuality, or any other sin. He hates it. He despises sin with every fiber of his being.

Yet God sent his son who was perfectly sinless to die for our sins. That we may be forgiven for our sins. So if you honestly have faith that Christ died for you and gave you forgiveness for your sins, then why on earth with you ever identify with those sins instead of the one who forgave them? A Christian may struggle with homosexuality. The old Adam constantly tempts us with lusts of the flesh. Those lusts are different from person to person, but they are there for everyone. Everyone has their own sins that they struggle with daily. If you identify with those sins then you are not a Christian because you have elevated your sin above Christ. So what are you? Are you a sinner or a Christian who struggles with sin?

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At least you’re not as bad as Hitler…right?

Hitler is often considered to be the most evil man who ever lived and the extermination of six million Jews and twenty million Russians seems to make a pretty good case for that argument. But when you take into the 30 million people the Japanese slaughtered or the near 60 million that Joseph Stalin slaughtered during the same period, Hitler doesn’t seem that bad by comparison.

What about Andrew Kehoe who murdered 43 people, 38 of them children? Abhorrent. But compared to Hitler, he doesn’t seem so bad. And while the Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes may seem unspeakable to some, he’s not so bad compared to Mr. Kehoe. And what about that madman who tried to impress Jodie Foster by shooting Ronald Reagan? Sure, he attempted to assassinate the president of the free world, but he failed. And besides, it was only one guy he tried to kill. Compared to Jeffrey Dahmer, he wasn’t that bad.

What about your sins? Well, you didn’t try to straight up murder a dude. You never raped anyone. Perhaps you illegally download some music or a movie. Maybe lied to get out of a bad date. Nothing major. Compared to most people, you’re a saint. You’re not as bad as these other people. But where does it end? Compared to someone else, you could be a pretty damn horrible person. And therein lies the problem. You see, it doesn’t matter how good you are, somewhere along the line, you’ve done some bad things and whether they seem petty or insignificant to you doesn’t matter. It makes no difference if you’re as bad as Hitler or not because you have committed sins against a just and holy God. And a just and holy God must exact punishment for those sins if he is to remain just. That’s why we need a perfectly sinless savior to redeem us from our sins and to take the punishment for us.

Because if we can get by with, “Well, I’m not so bad compared to the next guy,” then why can’t Hitler get by with, “Well, at least I’m not as bad as Stalin”?

Is your sin really not as bad as Jeffrey Dahmer’s? If not, maybe Hitler’s wasn’t so bad either.


Unintentionally more Christian than Christian?

I’ve once heard it said that Christian movies are like porno: The budget is low, the acting is bad, and you know how it’s going to end. So I was pleasantly surprised when I watched a horror movie last night that I felt made a better Christian movie than most Christian movies. There was no mention of Jesus and no prayer which is why I say unintentionally Christian.

So then how is it a Christian film? First let me give you the basic plot. Five people who have committed horrible sins are trapped in an elevator. One of those people is the Devil and he is tormenting them before he kills them and they spend their eternal fate in Hell. I don’t want give away any spoilers but it had one element that most Christian movies completely lack. The movie ended with confession and the forgiveness of sins. When is the last time you saw a Christian movie end like that? I don’t know about you, but in my experience, the moral of most Christian movies is that if you pray and have faith in Jesus, you’ll get a new truck, your team will win the big game, your infertile wife will become pregnant, etc. Basically, everything that’s going wrong in your life will end up happy and good. That’s a problem with Christian movies. They are usually all law. You do this and God will bless you in this life. But that’s not gospel. That’s why I feel this movie was unintentionally a better Christian movie than most Christian movies. Because even though there is no mention of Jesus Christ, the gospel is actually implied. There is repentance, there is confession, and there is forgiveness of sins. The movie didn’t accidentally beat me over the head with law like most Christian movies, but it did succeed where most of them fail, even if unintentionally.

If you’d like to watch this movie, it’s called Devil. Please keep in mind that it is rated R and its primary goal is to frighten you. Though somewhat tame for a horror movie, it does have its share of blood and violence as well as some strong language in places.

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Honest Rejection?

I want to let every single individual know that the link posted below is extremely graphic and may very well be something you never want to see. It is absolutely not safe for work, children, or the faint of heart.  However, I feel it is critical that the matter in the video be discussed.  Let me preface the situation for you.  ISIS (a Muslim terrorist group) soldiers have been taking over portions of Iraq.  Christians have been being raped and murdered.  Children and adults alike are being beheaded.  Some children as young as six years old from what I have seen have even been forced into marriage. The people are being told that if they want to live that they must renounce their Christian faith and convert to Islam.  And then, they are sometimes killed anyways.

In the linked video, a Christian man is converted at gun point.  He says, “There is no God but God and I testify that Mohammad is his messenger.” What follows is the horrific scene of the Muslims cutting his head off anyways.

So I ask, what is the eternal fate of this man?  What if he was sincerely rejecting God and Jesus Christ in light of the circumstances and actually converting to Islam?  What if he was not sincere and merely said what he did to save his own skin?  Does it even matter?  Can your final actions alive seal your eternal fate?

I think this one warrants some discussion.  In my personal opinion, I think he was simply lying in an attempt to save his life, but his words were still blasphemous.  I ask the above questions because I honestly don’t know his eternal fate.  I don’t think anyone does.  But it’s important to know exactly what scripture says on these matters.  So I’d like to hear what everyone has to say and specifically what scripture says.


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God doesn’t give second chances

In this life, you only get one chance. If you screw it up, you don’t get to try again, despite what Super Mario Bros 3 may tell you. Such is the way of God. He is righteous and just and as a righteous and just God, he requires absolute perfection. And that’s how the world was created, perfectly. And then sin entered the world. Notice that word; entered. Sin was not a part of this world. Sin entered the world. And it tainted everything. And because we have sinned, we are rightly condemned. We don’t get to try again. We blew it. We blew it without even trying. That’s how tainted we are.

But something happened. One man somehow made it through life without sin. The taint didn’t touch him as it had touched all else. And then, when he was executed, he took the punishment for all of our sin for all time all at once. That man was God wrapped in human flesh, the Son Jesus Christ. And with that sacrifice, God just looks the other way from your sins and simply says, “Nope. Didn’t happen.”

Christ paid the price for your sins because you couldn’t.  You don’t get any second chances and through the grace and mercy of God, you don’t need one.

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Inspirational People

If you were to take a look at my Facebook, there’s a particular section that might worry you, specifically the section of people who inspire me.  I mean, it’s just got some perfectly reasonable human beings.  Martin Luther.  Jeffrey Dahmer.  David Berkowitz.  Wait, what?  Did I just seriously put The Milwaukee Cannibal and The Son of Sam on a list of people who inspire me?  Well yes I did.

These are two of the most famous serial killers of our time.  To many, they are the embodiment of evil.  So what makes them so inspiring?  It’s that Christ forgave them.  These wicked evil men, men so evil that society deems them worse than the devil himself, were given repentance and faith through Jesus Christ.  And if Jesus can bring them to salvation, he can do the same for me.

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