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Did God create transgender?

I’ve re-blogged various posts from Eiler’s Pizza before and this occasion is no different. I’m sure you’ve read some of his posts before if you’ve come to my blog on multiple occasions. If not, then you may be surprised to know that this former LCMS pastor suffers from a condition called gender-dysphoria. Now, even though he has taken steps towards gender reassignment, his  conscience is still bound by scripture. In this post of his, he does not take the side of many on in the LBGT movement in regards to whether God made him that way. In fact, he states just the opposite. God did not make him that way though he was born that way. In a way, you could say his post is a more thought out and more detailed version of my own post titled, Yes, You Were Born That Way. I encourage you to give it a read.

Eilers Pizza

Part one: God’s Word and trans origins

To answer the title question, I will provide a straightforward reading of the Holy Bible. I am a traditional Christian who reads Scripture as it has been read since antiquity. Everything I present is not an interpretation but what the Holy Bible states, and the conclusions I reach are both theologically sound and scientifically responsible. Those who read Scripture with a different lens might see differently, and those who use other texts likely will arrive at different answers. I will gladly discuss any disagreement.

I use descriptors—normal and abnormal—which bother many people. I use these only to differentiate between the very good initial creation of God and the fallen creation after Adam’s disobedience. Never will I use “normal” to advance anyone or “abnormal” to put down anyone. It will be vital to retain this so that my conclusions might be given a fair…

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Only Pastors and Doctors

We live in a unique time when it comes to death. Up until the last one or two hundred years or so, it was quite common for people to live in multigenerational homes. Great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and children all living together underneath one roof. Now, it is more common that each generation lives separately in their own dwelling. Instead of the old dying with their loved ones, they often die in a nursing home or hospital bed. The children are often spared the grief of seeing death face to face and as such are totally unprepared to deal with it when it comes time for someone very close to them to go or even when it’s their own time. In a world so sanitized of pain and suffering, those who are qualified to deal with it are minute few.

Though there are exceptions, in today’s society, few people are with those in their final moments more than Pastors and doctors. It used to be that people would witness death throughout their life from being very young up until their final moments. They would watch great grandparents, grandparents, parents and sometimes more pass before their eyes when the time came. If they worked on a farm, death was a regular occurrence with the butchering of animals for food. A certain respect and understanding was developed throughout life. It seems today that more often than not, children are kept at bay when a grandparent dies with only the direct children of the grandparent there (if a family member is there at the time of death at all). Even when it comes to those with pets, how often does the child deal with it directly? How often does a parent shield their child as much as possible to ease the burden?

Throughout my life, I have intentionally exposed myself to death. Some horrors such as beheadings, car accidents, and other atrocities; others simply just a persons final moments as they naturally pass from this life to the next. Yet I’ve never seen anyone die in person. Not even an animal. Though I probably have more intimate knowledge on the subject than most of my friends, I cannot say that I am prepared for it when the time comes. I like to think that I know how I’ll be when a loved one finally dies or when I’m in my final moments, but like most people today, my experiences with death are totally dethatched. Even with loved ones and friends, I wasn’t their with them in their final moments.

Pastors and Doctors, however, they see it all. They are there at those final moments. They can develop that appreciation and understanding that most of us don’t get because they are around it, they are in it. I think today, Pastors are more important than ever because in our sterilized world, they are perhaps more often than not the only ones who can truly prepare us for the end.

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My confession and faith

Eilers Pizza

The most important thing I could ever write
The problem of God: part three

The problem with God is me.

I know what His Word says. I believe every word of it. I know that, because of Adam’s sin, I was born with Original Sin and, therefore, I am by this nature sinful and unclean, which causes me to sin in thought, word, and deed. I know that Jesus Christ paid for my sins, that believing in Him I have eternal life (John 3:16) and being baptized into His Name I am clothed with Him (Galatians 3:27) so that God the Father sees me as holy as the Holy One, His Son.

I know that the Lord made us male and female. I believe what He says about marriage. I know that I am a man, married to a woman, the father of five children, an ordained minister in a…

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The problem of God: part two

Eilers Pizza

The problem with God is that He is too nice.

I know that I just made a faith statement. This is what I believe: God is perfectly, profoundly nice to us. Just because that is a statement of my faith does not mean it is not true.

Even before we get to God the Son dying for the life of the world—the ultimate proof of God’s niceness—I like to note that, from the beginning, we see in God’s character that we can trust Him, that He aims to display kindness. When Adam and Eve hid from Him, because they had broken the law, God searched for them. He did not search for them to kill them, but to counsel, console, and clothe them. When He asked Adam what he had done, Adam did this: Adam sassed God right to His face.

And he lived to tell about it.

Adam said…

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The problem of God: part one

For the foreseeable future, I will also be reblogging some posts Greg Eilers. Greg Eilers is a retired LCMS Pastor who suffers from gender dysphoria, a condition that makes him feel as though he should be a woman. Greg has done incredible work in keeping with sound doctrine and has even been helpful to me in my theology. In light of his condition and the fact that this is one of the big issues in society today AND his excellent sound doctrine, I would like to present you with posts of his as they pertain to both. My hope is that through scripture, we as a church appropriately deal with such issues and not be bumbling idiots about it all. Thank you.

Eilers Pizza

More than anything in the world, I want all people to understand God as I do. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, and an excellent seminary education, I have been blessed with excellent theology.

Just as a poor foundation dooms a building, poor theology dooms a person. Faulty premises result in faulty answers, result in false faith, and loss of faith, and no faith.

Since I believe the Holy Bible is the true Word of God, and since I am confident in my understanding of it, I do not speak in waffling language. A math teacher does not apologize for the difficult equations he writes on the board; he knows they are correct. Substitute religion for math and my point is made.

All that said, I long for everyone to keep reading. There is equal value for those who share my Lutheran faith, for those with different beliefs, and for those…

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Where are the anathemas when you need them?

It came out during the North Dakota District Convention that the case against Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker, an LCMS clergyman who teaches at Valparaiso University has ended with the result that he was exonerated of any charge of false teaching.

When I read this article, I was sorely disappointed. How has it come to this that a “pastor” who blatantly teaches false doctrine in the LCMS is allowed to remain in the pulpit? It’s tragic that Matthew Becker is protected and allowed to continue to deceive God’s people. The LCMS I fear needs to sorely cut the bureaucracy so that it may effectively and efficiently pronounce excommunication and anathema as needed for the good of all congregations.

Conversely, why does Matthew Becker choose to remain in the LCMS since his beliefs of doctrine so radically differ from what the church teaches? Why does he not instead jump ship to the ELCA? I’ve no doubt they’d welcome him with open arms since they actively practice and teach the very same heresies that he is trying to instill in the Missouri Synod.

If I gave you a glass of water that had just a little bit of poison, it would poison your whole body, even though 99.8% of it was good clean water. By allowing Matthew Becker and those like him to remain, the whole body is being poisoned.

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Thank God for great preachers

In a day when the good sermons seem to be outnumbered by the bad, we should give immense thanks to God for the great pastors that he has blessed us with.  It is here that I would just like to name a few.  Pastor Bill Cwirla of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA.  Pastor Craig Donofrio of God Whisperers fame.  Pastor Chris Rosebrough of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church of the AALC in Oslo, MN.  Retired Pastor Greg Eilers, formerly pastor in Port Hope Michigan.  He should totally come out of retirement and plant a new church.  Perhaps in Maine because three is far too few.  Pastor Jonathan Fisk, host of Worldview Everlasting.  LCMS President Matt Harrison, may his reign be long and fruitful.  Pastor Todd Wilken of Issues Etc.  And my own Paul Nielsen of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Waterville, ME.  These are men that every time you hear them preach, you are guaranteed both law and gospel, exactly what every sermon should be.  There are many others out there and if you’ve got a pastor that preaches like these do, hang on to them.  They’re giving you exactly what you need.

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Isaiah 30:9-11

For they are a rebellious people,
lying children,
children unwilling to hear
the instruction of the Lord;
10 who say to the seers, “Do not see,”
and to the prophets, “Do not prophesy to us what is right;
speak to us smooth things,
prophesy illusions,
11 leave the way, turn aside from the path,
let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel.”


Sounds an awful lot like today, doesn’t it?  Sadly, it is an accurate description of many churches today. People don’t want to hear the word of the Lord because it shows us how wretched we are.  Instead, they love to be deluded with grandeur, even when the grandeur is terrible.  People get all excited and frightened when a false prophet predicts the end of the world, not because it’s true or false but because it’s big.  Their minds are excited for such a great change, even if it means they could die a horrible death.

“Sow a seed,” some say, “and God will reward you with riches.”  Oh, the illusions of wealth.  What a slick tongue does to an ear like that.  If anyone claims you shall receive wealth if you do such and it does not come to pass, just like the doomsday preacher, he is a false prophet.

And then we have preachers such a Joel Osteen who doesn’t seem to know such a thing as sin even exists.  He just smooth talks positive thinking into everyone and they eat it up.  They don’t want to hear about how sinful they are, just how great and awesome they are.  And then, when they hear good sound preaching, they chastise the pastor for it.  They tell him how awful his message is and that the only thing God really wants is people to be nice to each other.  Honestly, if that were the case, why would God have ever needed to give us the scriptures?

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